lunes, 27 de diciembre de 2010


Seguimos con lo mejor del año.........

75: YAWNING MAN: nomadic pursuits
74: ROTOR: 4
73: CARONTTE: as grey as they said
72: YEAR OF NO LIGHT: ausserwelt
71: U.S. CHRISTMAS: run thick in the night
70: TRASH TALK: eyes & nines
69: MURDER BY DEATH: good morning, magpie
68: YEAR LONG DISASTER: black magic, all mysteries revealed
67: DOPEFIGHT: buds
66: TWILIGHT: monument to time end
65: SEVEN THAT SPELLS: future retro spasm
64: AGAINST ME!: white crosses
63: IRON MAIDEN: the final frontier
62: MOTORPSYCHO: heavy metal fruit
61: KARMA TO BURN: appalachian incantation
60: TWEAK BIRD: tweak bird
59: BRING ME THE HORIZON: there is a hell, believe me i've seen it. There is a heaven, let's keep it a secret
58: BLACK TUSK: taste the sin
57: HAWKIND TRIAD: harvestman/u.s. christmas/ minsk
56: MONSTER MAGNET: mastermind
55: BISON B.C. : dark ages
54: DAFT PUNK: b.s.o tron legacy
53: HEIRS: fowl
52: BAND OF HORSES: infinite arms
51: DROIDS ATTACK: must destroy

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